The Company

F.N.H Trading is a Bahraini company that trades locally and globally. We are growing fast but stable through investing in initiatives that serve human needs, wants and joy.

During the journey of success, we realized that in every challenge lies an opportunity which interpret our diverse business activities. We strive to develop our business and keep on supporting innovation by producing and importing new products that ease our living and satisfy our needs. Because daily used stuff should make us feel good every time we use them.

In F.N.H we provide phenomenal deals in varied division for partnership from all over the world. We work hard to enhance the service sector experience in Bahrain and the GCC countries in particular focusing on providing the market with innovative and spcialized range of products.

Our higher purpose is to earn people's respect and trust through credibility and clarity in every deal.

The Founder

Fatima Nabil Hammad is a young Bahraini entrepreneur who grew up in Muharraq the old capital of Kingdom of Bahrain. As an excellent student, she earned a scholarship to study the degree of Bachelor of Economics in UAEU the United Arab Emirates University, UAE.

With the base of economics and an early exposure to the business world, making decisions and ensuring to get the best deals Fatima has been highly determined to enter the market as an entrepreneur growing to a business woman. Back in 2015, was the year Fatima started turning her passion of unique ready wear designs and innovative beauty products into business by creating her first online shop named the brand (Grace), as she believed providing every lady with a sophisticated piece to wear is graceful.

After years of hard working, developing skills and gaining experience in different fields and wider sectors Fatima decided to establish F.N.H Trading Company. She positively aims to achieve her vision of making innovation profitable in this renewal world full of continues initiatives in Bahrain and all over the world. She founded F.N.H Trading Company based on two pillars credibility and clarity in every deal. The company demand partnership and cooperation with trusted and successful local and international entities in the market.

Beside her business and work, Fatima has devoted a portion of her time to her deep passion of giving speech and debating as she is a Former Ambassador of Students for The Ministry of Education in Bahrain. She worked more than three years as an International Representative and an Official Speaker on behalf of The Ministry and The kingdom of Bahrain, winning many awards and being honored locally, in GCC countries and in The MENA region. Fatima is very keen to empower women, stand for their rights and raise a bold voice shouting for human rights and activism to fight any manifestations of violence all over the world. She is also an environmental activist and a global member in The Nature Conservancy Organization that aims to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends since their founding in 1951.

As an ultimate dynamic person, Fatima enjoys travelling all over the world both for tourism and some purposely trips for business deals. She also likes to cook in her spare time. But for most she is a sea lover and would spend days in an island eating her catch of fish.

Awards given to Fatima Hammad:

. Certificate of Participation in The Arab Elite Forecasters Challenge, being one of only a thousand Arab among The Middle East to forecast the future. UAE - The Arab Strategy Forum and Good Judgment organization. (November,2017)

. Awarded the Certificate and the Title of Best Debater among The State. Kingdom of Bahrain - The Ministry of Education. (June,2013)

. Awarded Second place at The State level in The Environmental Research Competition by Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company. The Scientific Research title is "Recycling used frying oil to produce Biodiesel to substitute Petrol". Kingdom of Bahrain - GPIC, Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co. (June,2013)

. Certificate of Most Innovative Idea & Project in Ibtikar Kuwait Scientific Competition among The GCC countries. Kuwait - Under the patronage of His Highness The Amir Sheikh Sabah AL-Ahmed AL-Jaber AL-Sabah and Her Highness Sheikha Fadia AL-Saad AL-Salem AL-Sabah. (May,2013)

. Participation in The Sixth Annual European DNA Day Essay Contest. Topic of her essay is "The Double Helix of DNA in Medical Practice - Personalized Medicine". Austria, Vienna - Sponsored by ESHG The European Society of Human Genetics and Vienna Medical Academy in partnership with The American Society of Human Genetics. (February,2013)

. Leadership Certificate awarded by The Gulf Young Leaders Forum among the GCC countries. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Riyadh. (March,2013)

. Shield of Excellence and Distinction in The Arabic Cultural Forum. Kingdom of Bahrain - Ministry of Education. (December,2012)

. Honored in the League of Arab States and awarded for Rhetoric and Fluently Speaking in Classical Arabic among The Middle East Countries and at the level of Arab world, being official speaker and international representative of Kingdom of Bahrain. Egypt, Cairo - The League of Arab States and The Ministry of Education of Egypt. (March,2010)

. Awarded the First place as a Distinguished Writer in The Competition of Creative Writers. Kingdom of Bahrain - Ministry of Education. (2010)

. Certificate of Participation in Innovation and Scientific Invention Competition. Kingdom of Bahrain - Gifted Students Center and The Ministry of Education. (December,2009)

. Awarded shield of First place in The National Competition among Bahrain. Kingdom of Bahrain - Ministry of Education and The Third Cooperative Educational Zone. (2008)

. Certified in CORT Program for developing thinking skills and problem solving and critical thinking to Expand Perception and Conscious. Kingdom of Bahrain - Ministry of Education. (June,2007)